Miss Barbara's

Established in 2009 by Barbara Lovely

"Home Cooking" style meals like Miss. Barbara used to make.

Veronica Barritt will be stopping by and making desserts using her mom's recipes.

Just to name a few like; strawberry cake, fantasy fudge, chocolate fudge cake, and cream pies.

Hot meals to warm up cold bones: Mexican Style Spaghetti, Papa John's Chili, Stew, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Ghigo Style (my little Italian gramma on the Barritt side) Italian Spaghetti, Turkey and Dressing, Pot roast with Gravy, Beans and Cornbread (Barbara style) Julie's Goulash, Shari G's enchiladas and more!

Cooking will be an interesting mix of our families styles, with different family members dropping in and cooking during the week and weekends to shake things up!

If pans are flyin' DUCK!!!


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